About Us

When you compare our services overall, you will discover that we provide a total service that demonstrates why our success rate remains so high.

  • Our qualified team has 25 years of experience in carburettor rebuilding, diagnostics, emissions, and custom high-performance work.
  • Quality parts that are time-proven and well tested
  • Our own cleaning facility and procedures which ensure precise operation and reliability of your carburettor
  • Our own machine shop, which along with his experience, allows us to manufacture parts that are no longer available in stores as well as machine worn parts for a better fit and seal
  • Our own flow treatment equipment that was engineered in the U.S. for the specific purpose of measuring the air/fuel flow ratio of carburettors
  • Our own engine dynamometer for custom fuel system design and development jobs
  • Our own ultra sonic cleaning machine for fuel injectors
  • otorvac system for on-car fuel injection cleaning
  • 6 Months guarantee on workmanship